We do not currently have any openings. Please check back at a later date if you remain interested in working for Recess Coffee.

Meet our employee of the month, Maggie! "Hello! I'm Maggie and have been working for Recess since May. My first experiences at the joint include heading over for late night hot chocolate on Wednesdays, and having my 17th birthday party on the front porch (cowgirl decorations and all). This company means the world to me in more ways than one and I'm overly excited to be an Employee of the Month Leprechaun. I personally enjoy frequenting the Westcott area, dancing to live music, SUNSHINE, and being a generally positive little faerie to those who are kind to me. My favorite beverages include, a Medium Iced Quad Soy Latte (without the ice) and an Iced Soy Dirty Chocolate Chai, (I had a dream about it and now it's a thing for me)."

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