Our Coffee

Before you order online pounds or try one of these roasts brewed at our shops, learn more about them below with our most current cupping notes:

Annual Offerings

Westcott Blend
Roast Level: 3
Aromas: Chocolate, caramel, tart cherry
Flavors: Smooth, creamy, chocolate, cherry
Austin’s Blend
Roast Level: 4
Aromas: Smokey, chocolate, cherry
Flavors: Notes of citrus, cherry, dark chocolate
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe FTO
Roast Level: 2
Aromas: Caramel, vanilla, orange
Flavors:  Lemon, vanilla, cream

Espresso Blend
Roast Level: 3
Aromas: Spicy, ginger, cinnamon
Flavors: Cinnamon, caramel, chocolate

Roast Level: 3
Aromas: Black licorice, clove, floral
Flavors: Earthy, cinnamon, nutty, stone fruit
Swiss Water Decaf
Roast Level: 4
Aromas: Dark chocolate, salted caramel, molasses
Flavors: Smokey, caramel, dark chocolate

Roast Level: 1
Aromas: Honey, caramel, vanilla with hints of black and green tea
Flavors: Sweet caramel with a smooth, nutty finish
Kenyan Light
Roast Level: 2
Aromas: Cinnamon and chocolate with a spicy, nutty break
Flavors: Chocolate with hints of ginger, cinnamon and a mild nutty finish
Kenyan Dark
Roast Level: 5
Aromas: Floral, chocolate, smokey
Flavors: Smokey body with ginger, molasses, a peppermint finish with a hint of chocolate

Roast Level: 3
Aromas: Bright cherry, roasted nuts, earthy, sweet honey and sugar
Flavors: Mild bodied coffee with toasted walnuts and a honey finish

Current Seasonal Offerings


Dominican Republic Ramirez Estate, Fair-Trade Organic
Roast Level: 2
Aromas: Malty, maple, honey, spice, cedar
Flavors: Buttery, honey, sweet spice